The room of doll.autopsy

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''I am Lucy (@doll.autopsy), I am 26 years old and currently living in Manchester. Having originally come from the South of England and living in the countryside, to life in the city, I've had to adapt and overcome a lot to find my place in the world.

I love all things grunge, all things dead, tattered, worn, pre-loved, medieval, dark and odd. Signs of wear doesn't phase me.

I love to gather minerals, bones or peculiar items from roaming the grounds or the rivers of the countryside when I visit. Happy times have been spent with my partner looking at antiques together, or second-hand shops. Everything in my room, including my clothing, is second-hand or has been made by my friends.

When I am not outside, I am at home in this room and I spend most of my time in here. How it looks now was the natural progression of my happiness and my love of life growing stronger. My room is maximalism of sentimentality and a curation of the things that I love, or find precious.

Every single art piece that is on my walls are paintings and drawings that my friend, @Bethaleil has done. Some of them I bought at their first exhibition they ever did, which was a big milestone for them at the time. Our paths always end up converging, as they've spent many Christmas' with me, many summers, they are a precious friend and I think their mind and work is so beautiful. Every piece of art I have from them has found a home in my room.

All the dried flowers you see are from bouquets from the love of my life, Jamie. I make sure to preserve as many of them as I can, as it reminds me of that love.

The minerals and rocks you might see come from the best summer I ever had, which I'd say are some of the best days of my life. So I look at those and remember how those days felt, and the people I was with.

There's a lamp I own that I got from a lady in Yorkshire, which last minute I was originally not going to go and get but I'm glad I did. It took me and my partner to the most beautiful place we've ever seen that we now want to live in, and we scored one of my most treasured items.

All of my items are reminders of pleasant times, beautiful friends, precious moments with my Jamie, and they were host to many owners before me and all have their own memories. There is nothing more beautiful than that.''