Well. This page is a lost place for some of my homoerotic writings
 Most of them are inspired by some dark themes and Nitro+Chiral fictions, GuiltPleasure, and immoral writings. May be nsfw
      *coughcough* yeah

OH i discovered some pdf chapters of Equilibrium and it punches me right in face.
I might (near in the future) write, an essay inspired of this. The energy between M and Katsuya (- and Dr. Asano in general is a whole entity) is lowkey what i am looking for.

The tip of the blade had pierced a full centimeter down. Slowly, he dragged the knife down my torso.
The pain of splitting flesh was intensely sharp.
Pleased, he gazed down at the fresh cut bisecting my chest anew.
Blood as bright as paint trickled out to the left and right, staining my skin.
He shoot me a glance.

"... You're such a degenerate.."

This was something I also asked him to do to me.
Then, once the wound healed up, I would find myself begging for it all over again, like an addict.

How many more time would I experience this ?
And which time would be the last ?