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• add links ( + nvc presenting the project to few
printing visit cards
• add new article : Marjolaine
• add new article : Le Pianocktail
• add journal photography
• add about page
• la maison des arts cafe L'Estaminet • Epicerie asiatique (HAOHAO, Kam Yuen, Wang Li, Hankar,...)
• Mona à Jette (monastère squat) • Les marolles
• (calendrier des brocantes)
What is the project about ?
The Wanderer is a street journal developed for citizens, presenting the concept of curating and gathering, alternative, and open-minded places to explore.
Interviews of various locations and venues by the wanderer aim to uncover new and unique local spots.
We are based in 📍 Brussels, BE. (The featuring articles will be mainly written in French and translated in English)

TW • The Wanderer Concept • 2024 • official 7am/7pm