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- Bookshelf -

Collecting books, magazines ; words and images,
the potential of paper sewn together can create 
a whole impact in minds. 

- Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë (1847)
- Little Women, Louisa May Alcott (1868)
- Teleny, Oscar Wilde (1893)
- Carmilla, Sheridan LeFanu (1872)
- Kamikaze Girls, Novala Takemoto (2002)
- Nana, Ai Yazawa (2000)
- The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt (2013)
- Picnic at Hanging Rock, Joan Lindsay (1967)
- The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde (1890)-
- La Vie de George Sand
- The song of Achilles
- Circé, M. Miller
- Kyoko, Ryu Murakami
- The Diary of Anaïs Nin(found the ref on this) page

Films / Animes :
- Letter to Momo (2011)
- Dōbutsu no mori (2006)
- May (2002)
- Valerie and her weeks of wonders (1970)
- Byzantium (2012)
- Jigoku Shojo (2005)
- Black Rock Shooter (2012)
- Blue (2002)
- Hana & Alice (2004)
- Noriko's Dinner Table (2005)
- My Rainy Days (2009)
- Gokinjo Monogatari (1995)
- Virgin Suicides (1999)
- K-ON!!! (2009)
- Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)
- Liz and the Blue bird (2018)
- Girl, Interrupted (1999)
- Ōkami kodomo no Ame to Yuki (2012)
- Hotarubi no mori e (2011)
- Candy Rain (2008)
- Piano no mori (2006)
- Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001)
- Bright Star (2009)
- Mary Shelley (2018)
- Doukyuusei (2016)
- Chronicles of Narnia (1988)
- Le parfum (2006)
- On the beach at Night Alone (2017)
- One Million Yens Girl (2008)
- Henry & June (1990)

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Hiii ! (*^ w ^*)
Welcome on my page !!
Linked with this website, this little page
aims to share happiness, light-hearted feelings,
love, cute references and positive energy !

This little corner cultivates memories, fragments of minds, and aims to tell a story based on irl life experiences. Me too wanted to create fictional characters sheets (7AMGF & 7PMBF) !!
When I found 5AMGF's website, I immediately felt in love with the sincerity they express themselves.
It motivated me a lot to create my own little garden of happiness, and working on positivity !

diary ~

Hi there ! [11.23 - 22:38] We are arriving in the cold season, it's time to make soup, lighting some candles, burning incense, wearing cute scarfs ! I wrote a good little letter and made a drawing to display in the corridor for my neighborhood to wish them happy holidays :3 Yesterday at work, a little old asian woman looking bought 2 very tiny plants that truly needed to take care of, she modestly take them and i thought it was very kind hearted,sincere and beautiful.🌼 Since i started to work, I always wake up early in the morning ! It gives me so much time to do activities in the daylight ! ~*~ Enjoying life is also about to care about yourself, your past, your present and your future. Positivity is also about to accept negativity, to be aware of both, energies and alternatives. ~*~ Believing in a better world. ~*~ I am working every Friday and Saturday until Christmas. Today, a new coworker show up, and she is approximately everything I want to be ! I love working, i love meeting new people, I even love struggling with customers and improve the next time I have the chance to. I am feeling I am improving in my "professional profile", in a sweet way. ~*~ " Une fille sans histoire " Today is the end of the first world war. After my work on a Saturday, I walked and heard the sound of the bells. There was an artist market near the Grandplace of the capital and some old people selling jewelries, paintings, candles. In the metro, somemone was playing accordion, an old man I used to see everyday was selling books and in front, there was a old woman selling roses with candles. Their goods were free price and I told myself I will bring books and food for them next time. The fact that today is the end of the war, people and workers have their day off. Many stores and boutiques are open, selling and making so much money, and some people are just starving in the streets, trying to sell their own goods ; somehow it broke my heart. People live and people are surviving. In French we say : vivre et survivre. We have every-thing, and some people have no-thing. How unfair life is ? No body can choose their destiny, or circumstances of life. Helping people cost nothing. Help them. ~*~ My social battery is very low lately. I'm feeling guilty for saying to people I need time, but also for saying them I want to see them. Most of my close frienships are kind-hearted people. ~*~ Rewatched Doukyuusei, listening at the guitar soundtracks. Give me chills. Beautiful. I discovered - blanc - by Asumiko Nakamura. It's the continuation of the film and the story of Sajou Rihito and Kusakabe Hikaru. Learning the piano partition of a soundtrack melody. My love for them is immeasurable. Both having different energies, seeing them growing... Remind me of how I live the life and feel it in my hands. ~*~ Day off on a busy rainy Monday. Woke up in the morning, drink a tea, watching by the window : the dull painting of an end of autumnal landscape. It feels good to stay at home. ~*~ My manager told me I was slow there are many reasons why : - I need time of reflexion whenever something is happening around me - I have a very low unclear voice and I have been struggling by expressing myself - I physically doesn't feel right, and feeling proportionally wrong These causes doesnt excuse my attitudes, but they are a part of me and I am working on it. Working faster can make you lose the particular attention of making it, even if at the moment I am working in retail in a (pretty big) decoration store. The energy is supposed to be healthy and positive, and no ones should be pressured by the manager's stress. ~*~ A friend of mine is a teacher and they have a very well speech rate, a clear eloquence and logical and coherent paths of ideas. I admire their quality and asked them how they actually work and they responded me that when they explain something they have a " mental map " of what they want to say. ~*~ It often happens that I forget to tell people subjects I wanted to share with them. Or just telling them that I appreciate their company, their hard work, themselves. Should I take the time to lay some words on paper to explain the truth ... Or should I keep the feeling unsaid and muted ? ~*~ Sometimes I tell myself wrong things ~*~ You know, at the end of the year you learned so much things. About everything, about people, history/references (able to link things), about yourself and how the world is working. Also I've spend a lovely end of year time. Honestly, I was feeling gloomy with the winter, but 1) I received a nice cup from work 2) i learned how to bake cake and bread 3) I am spending soft time alone and enjoy that. Of course, I am still stuggling a lot but so much hope is on the way ! I am going to travel soon, with my girlfriend. I AM SO EXCITED. 7pmbf loves perfume... I want to buy him an Invictus bottle. Or Tobacco Vanilla from Tom Ford. But keep it as a secret ! It's between you and me. ~*~ I dreamt of a blue bird. I knew it was there. Waiting to be seen, waiting to be saved. The bird has an impressive shape, and beautiful feathers, it looks kind of lost. I wish I could help it, to let it to trust me but i was with other people and in a car (?) ~*~ Had an awesome day. MY cheeks are so enormous since I am eating SO MUCH and smiling so much too. I am full of happiness ~ ~*~ My sibling is the best person on the earth, I truly miss them and the time we had when we were younger. ~*~ I'm currently reading Circé. The book is written by Madeline Miller, the same author of " The Song of Achilles". How to explain the charm of the simple storytelling of the god of Sun Helios' daughter ? The little girl who learns to appreciate loneliness, her loneliness. She is what we commonly named a "witch", but she has her reasons : from the beginning nobody trust her, she is the third of four siblings and despite herself she saw and live awful things. The scene with Prometheus. Her father's wrath. She find comfort in the deepness of the forest, in the reflect of water, in details of nature that have been left behind. She is a dreamer, a magician. She find solutions, she practises, she observes. She is what we become when we are left apart, not even rejected because we were the ones who were disconnected from the reality, the active world of uselessness. We sing because our voice is our shame. And no one truly listen. (more soon) ~*~ Now, if you don't understand what to believe in anymore Then believe in me; I'll have your back, so let's sleep Now, if you don't know where to go Then I'll stop too and listen to the cries of your heart In this peace filled with lies and emptiness There's nowhere to find something certain to share Raise your voice and shout out Because I'm sure I'll find your figure Everyone here faces a lonely tomorrow Together, we confront it as warriors Now, if you feel like you want to abandon your current self Then believe in me; you can still keep walking Forget the invisible scars and moisten your throat Without realizing the changing gradation Raise your voice and shout, let it be heard Even against the unceasing headwind Everyone here survives an uneasy tomorrow Together, as resilient warriors Raise your voice and shout out Because I'm sure I'll find your figure Everyone here faces a lonely tomorrow Together, we confront it as warriors Let that be your proof, resounding loudly (Signal, Exist†Trace) ~*~ Whether you're always passionate about it, or you've never seen it yet... Gender and age do not matter, in a free place I'm looking forward to meeting you. Keep your life burning and move on (omi) ~*~ The overload and fast informations in our actual world truly act on the faculty of the focusing of the brain. Social medias are evolving to something insane.More and more people consumate it, technology is an incredible thing i do agree. But having messages to answer, notifications, and comments on everything is a real source of stress. It was feeling fun when I was younger to have access to communication, it was like having friends near you, always. Now I grew up and see it more as a tool. The fun is gone when it started becoming a hyperfixation and stressful place. It ruined me, my fun, my friends, my way to communicate, my motivations. But in a way it also overstimulated it and make me go to place, travel and discovered new interests. The meetings aren't hasardious anymore. We choose who we want to follow. That feeling seems weird, pushed, when you think about artists in the past when they had to actually vocalize sentences to express their values, defend their art. Are we losing abilities to communicate in a way ? ~*~ Will people still remain about me if i disappear ? ~*~ I have applied for the most cute job ever, A bakery. My bro had a job and used to sell bread every Sunday, My mom also had a job in a bakery. This thought had been a divine job for me. Something i must reach. Something i must try. I wrote a complete and lovely letter to apply to this place "Les Tartes de Françoise". Since my last job contract ended, I have no money for anything. And i must find a way to own my life. Cheer up ! I can do it ! ~*~ My lovely friend work in a perfume atelier and offered me a lovely oil that emanated lavender and mandarine fragrance. How cute !!! is !!! that !!! She is my very beloved friend, i am so happy to know her. Seeing her growing, years by years, findind her place in the world. I am so proud of her. She is a little nymph, a real healer. My friends make me so happy. For real. But she is so special to me. ~*s~ I woke up worried. Somehow, I felt like were missing, something were wrong. In my life, in the world in general. It it 6AM here, we are still in cold season. Something is missing. Vivarism's blog truly make me feel concerned for some reasons. The fact it touched me directly in the heart. ~*~ It's 6AM right now, and i felt like the urge to write here. Blogging has been a real calm place to think and develop in texts and words, our minds. I adore the idea to not being seen, or read in the reality. We share only a little part of ourselves to the outside world. This is my little secret garden... My treasured little diary. The fact is it possible to share some thoughts early this morning, keep me awake and give me time to succeed my tasks later on the day. Someone said, it is incredible to get up at 5am. ~*~ mental map guide Who were you (past) ? Who are you (present) ? Who will you be (future)? Taking notes of these conditions, to remember life. ~*~ Take offrands to offer to people when you go out ! And try to offer some to them to see them smile. ~*~ NVC - non violent communication keys Develop Your Emotional Vocabulary : Improve your ability to clearly express your feelings and needs. Your expanded emotional vocabulary will help you avoid making moralistic judgments, blaming others for your feelings, and using other strategies that often contribute to conflicts. Teach your children these skills to empower them to resolve their conflicts peacefully. • Stay Connected to Your Feelings and Needs : Prevent and reduce conflicts by learning to stay connected to your feelings and needs through self-empathy. Increase satisfying outcomes from emotionally charged situations by entering them from a place of calm and compassion, rather than defensiveness or anger. • Break Negative, Habitual Pattern : Overcome habitual patterns that often lead to conflict. Transform thinking patterns like moralistic judgments, blame, criticism, shoulds and “have-tos” that can lead to anger, depression, guilt or shame. • Hear the Needs Behind All Behavior : Diminish anger, violence and conflict by connecting to the needs behind whatever anyone does or says. • Get to the Heart of Conflict Quickly: Defuse heated situations before they lead to behavior you’ll regret. Use empathy to let others know they are really heard—which is often all that is needed to transform conflict into powerful connection. in practise : 4 components Observations Feelings Needs Requests ~*~ "La timidité ne mène à rien." Shyness can hinder social interaction and communication. It may prevent individuals from expressing themselves fully or from engaging comfortably in social situations, which can lead to missed opportunities for connection, networking, and personal growth. It might restrict individuals from expressing their thoughts, ideas, or feelings openly. This limitation could prevent them from sharing their talents, opinions, or aspirations effectively, potentially inhibiting personal and professional development. Persistent shyness can contribute to low self-confidence and self-esteem. When individuals consistently feel uncomfortable or anxious in social situations, it may reinforce negative self-perceptions and limit their belief in their abilities to interact with others or achieve their goals. In many professional and personal contexts, assertiveness, communication skills, and networking abilities are highly valued. Shyness may act as a barrier to these skills' development, potentially impacting career advancement, social relationships, and overall satisfaction in life. However, it's essential to recognize that shyness is a natural personality trait for many individuals, and it's not inherently negative. Some people may feel more comfortable with quieter, more reflective approaches to social interaction, and that's perfectly valid. The key is finding a balance that allows individuals to navigate social situations comfortably while also feeling confident and empowered to express themselves authentically. ~*~ When I am outside and walk, I often think of G. Sand (writer) and Omi (Exist Trace) Cheering my day up ! ~*~ Bought a thyme plant for a friend who is sick and also some honey. May the angels protect health of hard worker 🍀 Feeling nice to wander to their place after a little flea market stroll. ~*~ Be kind with people, always Respect their struggles, their differences Be patient You have no idea what they have been through and you only can observe a little percentage of their inner soul for a very short moment of their life. You will never see the full potential of someone, so please consider people, as your equal ~*~ "The little girl I was, sometimes loved glitter, sometimes hated them. But now I grasp the reason behind the love and the hate. I appreciate the attitude of excessive girliness because I understand a provocative intention that ironically ressemble punk attitude. Refusing to be invisible. Refusing to pretend to fit the standards of imperial “high culture”. Loud and shameless." ~*~ Oh hi there Today is so rainy for a first day of job ! I love rain, it calms people... I have to walk a little bit to the school where I work. I am a little bit scared but I am here to experience ! Social medias are flooded with anger about politics, wars, personal attacks. It makes me so mad. Why people can just be quiet, comprehensive, accept things how they are, stop misinforming each others ? I don't get it, the urge to expose their point of view loudly and spam about how the world is collapsing. Also maybe that's because I know people who think they can fight the world. Back to school. I woke up before my alarm and I am drowning in the nice feeling of being calm, alone, and loved by myself. People at work count on me and I count of them. There is no feelings more than helping and that's good. I owe nothing to no one. ~*~ Allow yourself to smile. See the positive as much as the negative.

[Doukyuusei - BGM 1]

words I like :

compromis / équilibre 
[ Happiness inspiration ! inhale, exhale ]
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puppet.pdf piano
Welcome to my world that's painted with sadness
There's no light of sun There you can't hear any sound at all
Here I'm waiting silently for you, father
Why you were so cruel to left poor Mary alone?

Please take me away, I desperately promise to be a good girl, to be worthy of your love
I don't need the paint books, the dolls and the dresses,
Just tell me, why you've left your pictures and gone?
Who are you, stranger with a red rose in your hand
I liked you from the first sight, I wanna be your friend, Let's play
I've never asked for this place that's called my home,
But hope, you will be staying with me until the end
Please, don't be scared of me I'm a good girl
I just want to be with you to forget my sorrow
I'm tired of being the puppet of this world
Oh, tell me, why do you want to go with this man?
Is he your true knight in the shining armor?
Who'll sacrifice himself just for your sake with no fear But then
Why he resembles the one, who created
This gallery and picture, that gave me a birth?
Welcome to her world that's lying in ashes...
There's a sea of fire, There is no way to run at all...
She only wanted to be with her father...
But little Mary is melting in her abyss alone...

What are people needs ?

Humans have needs. (Some studies of basics and primary needs : physiological needs, security needs, health, love needs, relationships, self-development, evolving.)
They also need to find balance.
They need to be able to focus, to release. To be content, proud, happy. To feel emotions, to hesitate. 
To find solutions, resolutions, support.

Humans have potentials, strenghts, love.

In our society, each person is an individual one, owning their own universe, mind, world.
They do their best to fulfill their needs.

How to maintain the contact with universe ?

Void is the opposite of the Universe.
Somehow, existing make us living and we are intergrated, valid and alive in this world.
To stay alive, we are finding our ways in the datas on the physical palpable land.
By existing with others cells, we coexist. And we should communicate and navigate in the universe.
It is about to be present !
The thought is controlled by our mind, in the metaphysic way, we are the guide of our vessel.
Messager of our mind, we can act, share, being attentive.
Interactions with other cell and we make a connection.
Once we hit another energy, we must control it well, take care ; to not hurt them, we also can guide them.
Engaging in a synergy has an combined effect !
It's important to find a similar pattern to accompany the universe we meet.
Paths, interests, dreams make us feel all connected to each other, because we lived the same experiences.
Being part of a community (a little healthy one, per exemple) helps to build stability, find a place.

How to counter dangers ?
Existing surely make us vulnerable.
If we consider morality as what make us think what seems right or wrong,
rules are law that make us understand how and why it works or not.
Mechanism of defenses are our instinct of survival.
The reasons we are protecting ourselves is from the fear of death, or to suffer, to lose control on ourselves.
Dangers can be everywhere, and can stop us in our routine of life. It will just block us in situations, and we must find ways to resolve it.
Sometimes, we just have to wait to heal, sometimes we have to act.
There are many levels and types of dangers, or what make is feel vulnerable.
To counter danger, is first, to be self-conscious of it.
Thinking of our situation, observing the patterns, the law of life.
The rightness to protect and defend yourself is very important to survive.
Tell the problem, say it out loud when it hurts and you need help.
Being exposed to danger isn't the norm, and safety is a necessity to live. 

" Pensez-vous que je suis une machine dépourvue de sentiments ?
Croyez-vous que c'est parce que je suis pauvre, banale, invisible et humble que je suis dénué d'âme et de coeur ?
J'ai autant d'âme que vous et tout autant de coeur

Vous comprenez que c'est mon âme qui s'adresse à vous
Comme si nous étions mort et que nous nous retrouvons tous les deux face à Dieu.
Égaux, c'est ce que nous sommes

Je suis un être humain libre doté d'une volonté propre à laquelle j'impose mon désir de vous quitter. "

                                (Jane Eyre)